Miniature Substation Installation

ArmCoil offers a complete solution on all ACEM or other makes of miniature substations, we manufacture, transport, install, commission and hand over thereby giving our clients a full warranty and reliable miniature substations.

ArmCoil field services division has its own ISO 9001:2015 and ISO140001:2004 accreditation, this is available on request.

ArmCoil offers these services inside of South Africa and outside of our country borders.

ArmCoil’s field services can offer a variety of on-site miniature substations services such as:

  • Insured product value transport to site, including crane truck and logistics.
  • Miniature substations placement and rigging into place.
  • Miniature substations on-site assembly.
  • Miniature substations commissioning and hand over.
  • Miniature substations routine testing including SFRA.
  • On-site establishment and environment management.
  • Full and comprehensive safety files, available on request.
  • ArmCoil technicians are qualified experts with full CV’s and qualifications available on request.