Miniature Substation Manufacturing

ACEM, acronym for ArmCoil Electric Machines, was introduced to meet the growing local and African demand for diverse designs, unique and specialized miniature substations.

ACEM has successfully met this demand and increased the standard benchmark though introducing the most recent technological design innovations to our miniature substations.

The product line includes miniature substation ONAN, ONAF and Dry Type transformers in the range of but not limited to 50kVA – 3150kVA, to a maximum voltage of 33kV.

ACEM Miniature Substations have modular design which also boast a variety of switchgear compatibility upon client request or as per our recommendation. ACEM miniature substations are manufactured in our Roodepoort facility on the western side of Johannesburg.

ACEM miniature substations are well-known for our custom-built manufacturing capabilities thereby complying with specific customer requirements.

ACEM miniature substations are designed and manufactured to be robust, long life and of low environmental impact and of low maintenance, a variety of additional value add products may be applied to our units such as high security, 3CR12 steel, high quality paint for corrosive or high humid/moisture conditions. Various high technology safety & protection auxiliary components are easily adaptable to our miniature substation designs.