Miniature Substation Repairs

ArmCoil’s miniature substation repair services are performed at our Roodepoort facility in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Our miniature substation repair services facility is accredited and managed in accordance with our ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2004 quality and environment systems.

ArmCoil complies to all SANS780 and other repair specifications for miniature substation. We offer our repair services on the following all types of miniature substation such as ONAN & ONAF, CRT and Dry Type.

ArmCoil’s work area is 6700m2 under roof, which is equipped with a maximum 50tonne overhead remote crane among others and lifting equipment. The facility and its content are insured together with 24hour security.

The miniature substation repair services capabilities are: (but not limited to)

  • Full electrical and mechanical condition assessment and repair recommendations.
  • Full rewinding on all types of distribution transformers up to 33kV (33000V).
  • Localised coil and supply lead repair services available where possible.
  • Underground and surface mining type miniature substation repair services
  • Time and Temperature Controlled Curing Oven facilities.

Complete Test Bay Facility including all calibrated testing equipment which includes:

  • No Load Testing or routine testing.
  • Load Testing.
  • Complete miniature substation Temperature Stabilising Testing.
  • Efficiency comparison testing.
  • Oil sampling, testing and reporting in accordance to SANS555.
  • Ratio testing.
  • SFRA testing.
  • LV, MV equipment testing including lighting compartment.
  • Miniature substation core repairs and replacement services.
  • RMU refurbishment or replacement.
  • Cooling upgrades and redesign.
  • Protection evaluation, replacement and upgrade services.
  • Sandblasting and respray facility.
  • Mechanical repairs and upgrade of miniature substation.
  • Radiator replacement and repairs.
  • Enclosure replacement and repairs.
  • Low and high-risk door replacement and repairs.
  • Base or skid replacement and repairs.
  • All type of auxiliary parts replacement and servicing.
  • Transformer pressure testing for leaks.
  • Mechanical design and manufacturing of miniature substation for upgrade purposes.
  • Factory acceptance testing services (FAT) on miniature substation.
  • OEM assembly and testing of miniature substation.